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Kids With Courage
This section includes stories by and about survivors of childhood cancer. The courage and strength that is displayed through these stories can be an inspiration to anyone who reads them. An outlook on life through the eyes of a survivor can be a lesson to all of us. Stories in this section are taken from a book called "Kids with Courage." The book was developed in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center and in honor of the University of Wisconsin Children's Hospital. "Kids with Courage" includes a collection of thoughts and stories about growing up with cancer. Many of the authors included pictures of themselves during treatment along with a picture of them now.
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Circle of Helping Hands
Kards by Kids Project - Kards by Kids is an exciting project that involves six all occasion greeting cards that were designed by patients aged 6-19 years from University of Wisconsin Children's Hospital. These cards are a wonderful portrait of each patient's resilience and courage to survive.
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