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Importance of self image


Survivors of childhood cancer may have long standing reminders of their treatment experience, either physical or emotional in nature, or both.


Physical and emotional reminders of the treatment experience are common, and can vary greatly in severity. It is important to remember that any concern you may have is important, and should be discussed with your primary physician. These physical reminders may be related to the cancer you had, the treatment you received or the fact that your body is changing as you grow. Sometimes, patients say that they are reluctant to bring up these concerns because they seem minor, or unimportant considering all they went through during treatment. But the goal of complete treatment for childhood cancer will mean not only cure, but includes every attempt to help you feel as healthy physically and emotionally as possible. While not everything can be changed, there may be many medical options available to deal with physical concerns, and your doctor will be willing to advise you or make a referral to the best specialty area.


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