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Personal Experiences
Fertility - In January of 1983 I met my husband, Bob and we were married in June, 1984. I had at this point been going to UW hospital and clinic about once a year for my checkups. Since I had heard there was a possibility of not being able to have children I decided to ask point blank at the next appointment. I didn't want to be disappointed when we decided to have kids. The answer I received was heartbreaking. I was told that because of the type of chemotherapy used and the type of cancer I had it was unlikely.
Long-term Effects - Since the day the doctors told us my cancer was gone, I've had many scares. After giving birth to my son I had many problems. I had four laproscopies because my remaining ovary was continually enlarged. Then in 1990 it was decided to do a complete hepterictomy. Finally my fear of the ovarian cancer returning was gone. But with that fear gone, many others arose. It was discovered that the chest pain I was experiencing is a mitral valve prolapse. In March, 1993 while I was going to school, to become a medical assistant, I had some decreased hearing in my ear. Finally in December my brother, who was in med school at the time, did a hearing test on me and thought it might not be as simple as water in my hear. I was diagnosed with a small brain tumor called an Acoustic Neurma. After that surgery, I was left with constant pain, memory loss and the loss of hearing on my left side.

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