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The Caring For Life Clinic
History Of The Clinic

The Caring for Life Clinic started seeing patients, once a month in 1989. We started this clinic when a group of the heme/onc staff felt that patients were uncomfortable returning to clinic during the "acute treatment" clinic that typically occurs in our setting. We were concerned about former patients feeling guilty about raising their very appropriate concerns.

Clinic Goals

Our goal was to provide a systematic and comprehensive approach to the evaluation, treatment and counseling of this special group of long term patients. During the visit we wanted to do teaching and counseling about long term effects, provide physical assessment and necessary laboratory testing and together with the patient establish a long term follow up plan. Our goals continue to push forward this agenda as we try to provide the best Caring for Life clinic for our patients.

Why is it important to receive long term follow up?

Incredible progress has been made in the last 50 years in terms of the treatment of childhood cancer. More and more children will survive their malignancies; however these same children and young adults may have a variety of physical or psychosocial "chronic type" illnesses to manage as they continue through life. A long term survivor clinic is the best place to put all of this information into proper perspective. Young adults are provided with the most current information about their disease and its long term implications for continued good health.

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