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School and Job Issues
Survivors of childhood cancer can learn how to deal with long-term effects from the disease and/or treatment when it affects them in a school or job setting.
Effects on Performance - As more and more children survive cancer, medical professionals are able to learn more about the "late effects" associated with cancer treatment that may pose problems for children, adolescents, and young adults as they adjust to life after a serious illness. Some of these "late effects" may influence a child's ability to process, learn, and retain new information. This section provides information on learning problems and includes suggestions for parents and teachers on how to deal with "late effects."
Confronting Medical History at Work - Each survivor's connection to their experience with cancer varies. The level of connection could depend on amount of time since the experience, age at time of diagnosis, personal preference, long-term effects, etc. When entering into a work setting you may be faced with a question whether you want to share your past experience with co-workers and/or employers. This section provides support for making this decision. Your rights as a survivor are also covered in this section.

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